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Sescom IL-19-SS Inline Professional Audio Hum Eliminator with Dynamic Structured Shielding

Part # IL-19-SS

…Introducing the IL-19-SS with Dynamic Structured Shielding: The legacy inspired IL-19-SS differs from the standard IL-19 in that it emulates the vintage Sescom all-metal tube style IL-19 from years ago. The IL-19-SS still retains the major and exclusive de-coupler circuitry for hum and noise. This…

List: $55.95

Sescom IL-19 Inline Pro Audio Hum Eliminator The Industry Standard

Part # IL-19

…Only Product that Removes All Types of Hum in Live Sound & Pro-Audio Gear! The Industry Standard - Designed as 3 products in-one, the Sescom� IL-19� is the solution for instantly troubleshooting audio hum and noise problems in live sound & broadcast applications providing quick fix line isolation…

List: $50.95

Sescom SES-XLR-ISO 600 Ohm Inline XLR Mic Matching Transformer


Budget friendly inline transformer similar to the Sescom IL-19 featuring an ultra rugged housing. This unit is designed for installing between two XLR cables in live events or anywhere durability and robust ruggedness is required. An excellent choice for audio hum eliminating inline matching…

List: $25.95

Sescom IL-19-XFRMR Stand Alone IL-19 Transformer with Wire Leads for Installers

Part # IL-19-XFRMR

Sescom IL-19 Transformer for Professional Audio Hum Elimination w/ Wires for Installers!The Only Product that Removes All Types of Hum in Live Sound & Pro-Audio Gear Can Now Be Purchased and Wired Directly To & From and Even Inside Your Gear! The Industry Standard - The Sescom IL-19 Transformer is…

List: $40.95
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Sescom IL-19-MINI 3.5mm Stereo Mini I/O Hum Eliminator

Part # IL-19-MINI

The next generation of the Sescom IL-19 series, the IL-19-MINI is an inline hum elimnator / matching transformer for 3.5mm stereo (TRS) runs and is perfect for both DSLR audio applications as well as a laptop interface where HUM always poses a problem, you can connect up to a 25 foot unbalanced…

List: $55.95

Sescom IL-19-PRS-GLS Inline Professional Audio Hum Eliminator

Part # IL-19-PRS-GLS

…toggles are switched toward the female or input side of the unit there is no change and the unit functions straight through exactly like a regular IL-19. When the switch toggles are switched over so that the toggle is toward the male end and also toward the switch labels "GSL"/ "PRS" then they are…

List: $80.95
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Sescom IL-19-6RM 6-Channel In-Line Rackmount Isolation Hum Eliminator

Part # IL-19-6RM

…Live Sound & Pro-Audio Gear! The IL-19-6RM is a 6 Channel Rack Mount version of our World Renowned Industry Standard IL-19. Designed as 3 products in-one, the Sescom® IL-19® is the industry standard for instantly reducing audio hum problems in live sound & broadcast applications providing…

List: $295.00

Sescom IL-19-HUM-DROP Six Channel Professional Audio Hum Eliminator / Isolation for FOH Mix Down Rooms & Stage Use!

Part # IL-19-HUM-DROP

…that Removes All Types of Hum in Live Sound & Pro-Audio Gear! IL-19-HUM-DROP - 6 Channel Snake Box version of our World Renowned Industry Standard IL-19 The HUM-DROP is designed for stage, or at the Front of House (FOH), or anywhere 6 channels of hum elimination are desired. Designed to be rugged…

List: $275.00

Sescom IL-STEREO-19 Professional Two Channel RCA HiFi Style Stereo Audio Hum Eliminator Isolator Transformer Coupler

Part # IL-STEREO-19

…Dual RCA Inputs & Outputs A stereo - left & right channel - RCA version of the famous Sescom IL-19! The only product that removes all types of hum in live sound & pro-audio gear. This inline stereo RCA IL-19 has 2-Channels (Stereo) for a matching transformer where RCA audio inputs & outputs need hum…

List: $90.00

Sescom IL-19-2S Two Channel Pro Audio Hum Eliminator with Isolation

Part # IL-19-2S

Designed as 3 products in-one, the Sescom� IL-19� is the industry standard for providing inline isolation and instantly troubleshooting audio hum in live sound & broadcast applications. Sescom's unique proprietary internal circuitry eliminates hum for the best possible sound in any environment. The…

List: $90.00

Sescom SES-MULTI-PAD 6-Position Variable Attenuator


…decibel attenuation levels of -5dB, -10dB, -20dB, -30dB, -40dB and minus 50 decibels. Housed in the same do-it-all housing as Sescom's flagship IL-19, the SES-MULTI-PAD is ready to plug directly into other equipment's outputs or inputs with its built in XLR connectors. A long time requested design…

List: $55.95
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