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Sescom SES-XLR-AB Balanced Audio Pro Grade XLR A/B Passive Switch
Sescom - The Audio Source The Industry Standard - Professional Balanced Audio XLR A/B Switch Control Router This is part of Sescom's series of new economical AB-Switches that are designed to last! This is Sescom's basic XLR AB switch. These helpful AB switches can also function as input and output expansions…
List: $49.95
Sescom SES-AB-SWITCH Flip2 iPod/MP3 Player 3.5mm Stereo Audio A/B Switch
…-AB-SWITCH features a "center-off" rocker switch for disabling the audio source it's housed in a rugged aluminum cabinet. Rear mounted 3.5mm TRS connections. Features:* Connecting Dual Computers/iPods or MP3 Players to Your House System* Switch Line Level Inputs to Amplifiers, Mixers or PCs* Switch Line…
List: $39.95
Sescom SES-IPOD-AB iPod Stereo Audio MP3 FLAC WMA Player A/B Switch 3.5mm (1/8)
The new Sescom iPod A/B switch solves the common issue of two source selection of 3.5mm stereo sources such as iPods, MP3 players, PC Sound Card outputs and more! Requires no power and can be used bidirectionally. Saves wear and tear on constant equipment connects and disconnects. Uses: * Connecting…
List: $39.95

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Sescom SES-AUDIO-AB RCA Stereo Audio MP3 iPod FLAC WMA A/B Switch
switch.* RCA connectors are color coded Red for Right channels and White for Left channels for easy identification.* This little switch requires no power and is bidirectional.* Designed small so it's easy to add into any setup.* Can also be used to switch composite video and a single channel of audio.…
List: $39.95

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